Photo Credit: Greg Desmond

Reclining, 2016, ceramic stoneware with ash glaze

Reclining, 2016, ceramic stoneware with ash glaze Photo Credit: Greg Desmond



18 JUNE - 9 JULY 2016


We are thrilled to have Ann Fisher, Independent Arts Administrator, to launch the exhibition at 2pm, Saturday 18 June 2016.

Sasa Scheiner’s inspiration emerged out of a series of visits to Gulaga Mountain, a place sacred to women. It has been said that if you look at the Mountain from a distance it resembles the shape of a pregnant woman reclining, and that it offers protection, a place to be nurtured.

Sasa’s signature surfaces, achieved through light and dark iron clays with sprayed ash glazes, recreate the tactile and ‘live’ atmospheric surfaces of Gulaga Mountain rock forms.

Sasa Scheiner is a ceramic artist currently based in the Northern Beaches of Sydney.  In Cape Town and London, Sasa worked in photo composition and transparency duplication at two major Photographic Laboratories. While living in the UK, Sasa studied ceramics under the tutelage of Helena Giras, a well known Czechoslovakian potter with a Cubist style using slab technique.? After immigrating to Australia, Sasa continued studying ceramics with Barbara Campbell-Allen at Workshop Arts Centre, Willoughby.  Sasa has also attended various masterclasses and workshops with renowned ceramists including Simone Frazer, Melena Monk, Trisha Dean and Kwirak Choung.  In 2007, Sasa completed a Certificate IV in Ceramics at Northern Sydney Institute of TAFE, Brookvale Campus.

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