Photo Credit: Greg Piper

The Spring Table, 2018, handmade ceramic tableware

The Spring Table, 2018, handmade ceramic tableware Photo Credit: Greg Piper

Katherine Mahoney


13 OCTOBER - 20 OCTOBER 2018


Mulan Gock, Gallery Director and Katherine Mahoney, Ceramicist are excited to host three events in conjunction with SYDNEY CRAFT WEEK and OPEN DAY at HEADLAND PARK ARTIST PRECINCT

  • Meet the Artist, Katherine Mahoney | 10am to 4pm, Saturday 13 October 2018 | Meet Ceramic Artist, Katherine Mahoney and discover how working with clay, Katherine has discovered opportunities to connect, relax and create a versatile range of handmade tableware
  • Meet the Truffle Growers, Jane & Richard Austen from Hartley Truffles | Connecting Truffles & handmade ceramics | 2pm, Saturday 13 October 2018 | Bookings:  | Learn more about serving truffles including “truffle honey with cheese” and “truffle salt” on handmade ceramics
    Hartley Truffles was founded after Jane and Richard Austen’s trip to south western France, the origin of the Tuber melanosporum or ‘Black Perigord’ truffle. Inspired by what they learnt they decided they would attempt to cultivate truffle at their family farm in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia
  • Pop up exhibition | The Spring Table by Katherine Mahoney | 13-20 October 2018 | 10am-4pm Tuesday to Saturday

Mindful Making is the theme for this year’s Sydney Craft Week festival, exploring how working with your hands offers opportunities to focus, connect, relax and create. We also focus on how makers approach their craft by applying a thoughtful and considered approach to the sustainable use of materials, innovative processes and an understanding of community needs.